ni N3 riak sila muntah darah ye…

hahaha barang pinjam bukan harta sendiri pun
menjakunkan diri dengan melayari Youtube

Video Cinta Antara Kita

Suka tengok muka pompuan ni
SO SWEET dowh..

Ni bukan iPhone4 tapi 3Gs
macam lagi best jek

untuk penggemar iPhone4 sila baca notice di bawah
pesanan dari Maxis

Due to overwhelming response, the iPhone 4 is temporarily out of stock at certain Maxis Centres and participating Maxis dealers. But not to worry, new stocks will be available from next week onwards. Watch this space for further updates or follow us on Twitter to get real-time updates.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Jot’s :: iPhone 4 punye pasal…..


15 Replies to “iPhone”

  1. Hernee :: i tak reti main sambung2 ayat ah … ;p

    Sharleen :: pinjaman xde yg seronoknye..

    Zuhaini :: Mr.hBy punye dah lama dah tu..

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