Big Apple donaShi
comel2 jek tau
tapi waktu membeli hanya sehingga kul 7pm.
Ada beberapa perasa & paling best Do-Tamaguro
so yummy…yummy..

DO-EBI = Rich Orange flavour with a wash of Coconut.
DO-FUTOMAKI = Kiwi fruit filing, Strawberry and Vanilla battle for supremacy as Orange bits take centre stage
DO-HAMACHI = A fair serving of Coconut and Strawberry jam
DO-IKURA = Orange pellet gels juggling for attention
DO-IKABURI = Coconut Vanilla with Chocolate lacings
DO-IKAMAKI = Rich Chocolate and Vanilla mix spiced with Sesame
DO-SAKE = Strawberry complemented by lacings of Coconut delight
DO-TAKUWAN = Feel the passion of Papaya
DO-TEKKYU = Strawberry and Kiwi with a subtle pinch of Sesame
DO-YASAI = Papaya mardi gras Vanilla snow with a dash of Green Tea
DO-TAI NIGIRI = The all Vanilla favourite with Coconut and Orange bits
DO-TAMAGURO = The marriage of Strawberry and Mango with Chocolate blessing
DO-MAGURO = Strawberry in a jam with Coconut
DO-NARUTO = Enhanced with Strawberry Chocolate maze
DO-TAKA = A union of Kiwi and Mango speckled with Orange bits
DO-UNAGI = With the classic Vanilla and Chocolate combo laced with Coconut
DO-MASAGO = Delightful Orange bits with a dash of Green Tea
DO-TOBIKO = Crispy Rice Balls coated in Strawberry and Chocolate
DO-TARO = Adventurous mix of Yam, Chocolate and Orange bits
DO-TAKO = A fill of Vanilla, a thrill of Strawberry, a spill of chocolate
DO-WASABI = Full flavoured Green Tea with a tad of Orange bits
DO-TAMAGO = Purely Mango with a dab of Chocolate
DO-KAPPA = Kiwi with subtle Chocolate
DO-KANIKAMA = Double shot of Strawberry with a swig of Chocolate
DO-EBIKO = Tickly gel pellets with a rush of Strawberry and Vanilla
DO-HIYASHI = Go green with chunky Papaya and Chocolate
DO-AWABI = Crunchy Nuts swimming in white Chocolate
DO-HOKKIGAI = Go loco with Coconut

Jot’s :: dulu J’co skang big Apple.



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